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A bong odyssey [second coming]
I get easily carried away by everything that surrounds me. When I walk down those streets, itís like every detail in every person or every object carries a chip containing his/her/its history in the shape of a fast forward 2 hours film. Instant decompression. I browse through peopleís lives. Iím connected to the world-wide psychic network. And then I get a fucking headache.
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Itís quite interesting to notice that all the latest Depeche Mode singles feature the word "love" in them.
-Can you feel a little love?
-I feel loved
-Iím only here to bring you free love
-When youíre born a lover, youíre born to suffer
Does this mean Martin Gore has finally found the meaning of love? In 1982, he was writing : "From the notes that I made so far, love seems something like wanting a scar"... Which seems to make sense, now that heís come to the conclusion that when youíre born a lover, youíre born to suffer...
I get the impression that the Nostalgic Police is out to get me. Everything is back all of a sudden. I noticed that something had changed in my life when I found myself singing along to Kylie Minogueís I Just Canít Get You Out Of My Head. It seems even clearer now that sheís done "I just canít get Blue Monday out of my head". This tune was clearly made to stick viciously into your brain. But coupling it with Blue Monday is like injecting nostalgia in the air I breathe. It can go anywhere from here, whateverís coming next : I just canít get Small Town Boy out of my head, I just canít get Tainted Love out of my head, I just canít get Stop Me If You Think Youíve Heard This One Before out of my head, I just canít get Ocean Rain out of my head, I just canít get West End Girls out of my head... If this wasnít enough, the Pet Shop Boys released an album (ironically called "Release") that just goes back to their foggy black and white melancholy. Songs that just make you want to go home and cry like in the old days. "You got a home here", Neil says... Well... I feel like I have a home everywhere. Or nowhere at all. Iím switching cities these days. With every step I take, I get the feeling that the inch of space on where Iím standing is a "welcome" sign. The streets are mine... I get that headache again.
La La La, La La Lalala...
©Joe Neon, 2002